Life without a family at the shelter became unbearable for this desperate pit bull, but fate smiled on him

We adopted him when he was a tiny pit bull. They called him Hero. He grew up with family children.

For the puppy, life was rosy among his owners who loved and cuddled him all day. He was happy among his friends.

Years passed and his life changed. The children grew up, the members of the family no longer took care of him as before.

But the real misfortune came later, when the family decided to move to another city.

They took him to a dog shelter. Here, life was unbearable for Hero, but he thought that one fine day his friends would come back for him.

The dog did not understand the cause of being in this shelter.

Shelter staff often saw him whine like a human. And to cheer Hero up, they stroked him and gave him what he liked to eat.

But the pit bull looked at them with his sad eyes and didn’t want to eat anything. He did not lose hope of finding his friends.

The workers decided to install the story of the good doggie on social networks to find him a new owner.

One day, a woman came to the shelter to adopt him and take him home. Sarah tried to do everything possible to heal Hero’s moral wounds and help him forget his grief.

Currently, the dog is happy to find a tender soul and a warm home.

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