At 23, she announces that she will resort to assisted suicide

A young youtuber recently expressed her desire to end her life, in particular because of the troubles that are ruining her life.

This is a decision that will relaunch the debate on euthanasia !

French YouTuber Olympe, who has suffered from DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) for years, has announced that she will resort to assisted suicide .

A strong choice for the young woman who is only 23 years old.

At 23, she will resort to assisted suicide
A familiar face to Internet users, Olympe made herself known to the general public in January 2022 during her appearance on the program “It starts today”, broadcast every day on France 2.

On this occasion, she had delivered a testimony as rare as it was moving about her illness, confiding that she lived with “alters”, that is to say other personalities who sometimes took control of her body and his voice.

Olympe had notably told how Charlie, one of the personalities who inhabit it, had ” tried to (her) kill (…) because he couldn’t take it anymore “, years earlier.

It is partly because of this disorder and the consequences that she would have decided to end it.

A week ago, the YouTuber posted a message on her Instagram account to announce her decision to resort to assisted suicide.

If this “story” was finally erased after 10 minutes, Olympe subsequently published two videos to explain her approach.

In the first, she announced in particular that she had contacted Belgian doctors for this assisted suicide, which would be scheduled for the last quarter of 2023.

She also evokes ” the debates ” that her decision has sparked on social networks, feeling the need to justify her choice.

” It’s my life, it’s a difficult decision I had to make, ” she says.

“ Even though I am a very resilient person, I have my limits like any human, and my limits have been pushed to their limits for years. I am very tired and I do not tell anyone that this is the solution (assisted suicide) and I wish no one on this earth to have one day to think about it , ”she continues.

And to add: “ The main reason is that I am exhausted and you cannot know it because you have not lived my life (…) you cannot necessarily understand my decision and I ask you not ”.

Then referring to the date chosen (end of 2023), Olympe explains that she still gives herself a little time.

“ I still want to enjoy certain things and also, I’m not closed to something happening and making me totally change my mind. Even though I don’t think it’s gonna happen, because I don’t have a positive enough base of life that strongly counterbalances all the shit I go through every day with my troubles, my past, my brain that doesn’t work well , “says the young woman in tears

And to conclude: ” I do not have the things that make me love life enough to be able to bear the negative (…) I am alone and that is one of the reasons for my decision” .

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