Caring horse comforts crying owner in heartwarming video

Unlike many humans, animals are always ready to help someone in need.

Although we consider dogs to be the most affectionate beings on Earth, all animals have this gift of being kind and affectionate, including wild beasts.

But this time, it’s a majestic horse that steals the show with its way of comforting its owner.

Although horses are known to be gentle and friendly, I never expected a horse to show such compassion towards someone.

But this caring creature proves otherwise. In a sequence that quickly gained over 17 million views, a girl wants to see how her horse would react if he was sad.

So she turns on the camera and pretends to cry, to know the reaction of her horse; and he does not disappoint her.

The moving video shows the young woman sitting on the ground with her hands covering her face as if sad, then begins to sob.

The horse, quietly enjoying its meal, hears the noise and realizes something is wrong, so it turns its head to investigate.

Noticing that it’s his human friend the one sitting there crying, the affectionate animal grabs some and walks over to the girl to offer her some comfort. Watch the heartwarming moment here:

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