The 60-year-old woman had been trying to have a baby for the past 20 years

In this remarkable story, we dive into the life of a 60-year-old Serbian woman, who faced two decades of struggle in her quest to become a mother. Her perseverance and determination eventually led to the joyful arrival of her daughter, Alina. However, the twists and turns of life had another surprise in store for him.

For 20 years, the woman persevered in her quest for motherhood. Despite many failed attempts, she refused to give up hope. Ultimately, her prayers were answered and she found herself pregnant with a baby girl, Alina. This miracle came to fruition thanks to multiple fertilization treatments.

Unfortunately, the joy of Alina’s birth was short-lived. Right after the birth, the woman’s husband, Alina’s father, made the unexpected decision to abandon them. His reason was that he considered himself too old to take on the responsibility of caring for a crying baby.

On the very day of her delivery, the woman finds herself abandoned by her husband. He changed his mind when he heard the newborn’s first cries in the maternity ward. Without hesitation, he walked away, declaring that the woman had gotten what she wanted and could now be happy.

Despite this devastating abandonment, the woman remained determined to raise Alina alone. She was determined to meet the challenges ahead. Both parents had health problems, with the father suffering from diabetes and heart disease, while the mother suffered from high blood pressure. Despite the risks, the woman spent the last three months of her pregnancy in hospital.

Alina’s father, however, refused to officially recognize her. Consequently, Alina would not have the same last name as her father. Yet, undeterred by these challenges, Atifa, the mother, was determined to take care of her daughter and give her the best possible life.

In her youth, Atifa worked in a textile factory and now has a small pension to rely on. Despite her financial circumstances, she is steadfast in her commitment to raising Alina. His love for his daughter surpasses all the difficulties that life can throw at him. Atifa declares that she will devote her life to Alina and do her best to provide for her needs.

Aware that the journey ahead will not be easy, Atifa finds comfort in the knowledge that many good-hearted people will come forward to help her and Alina. She draws her strength from the unwavering support she knows she can count on in her community.

This poignant story highlights the resilience of a determined mother, Atifa, as she embarks on the challenge of raising her daughter, Alina, alone. Despite the grief and abandonment, Atifa’s love for her child knows no bounds. As she moves forward with unwavering strength, she serves as an inspiration to all who hear her extraordinary story. Let’s celebrate the enduring spirit of motherhood and the power of limitless love.

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