Fans are calling Salma Hayek’s recent Instagram posts of her on vacation “aging in reverse.”

When fans saw Salma Hayek’s most recent holiday photos, they were stunned. The From Dusk Till Dawn star began the summer by uploading a series of images on Instagram on Monday, boasting about her ageless beauty and toned body.

After what seemed to be a pleasant swim in the water, the 56-year-old was seen going up a ladder on the side of a boat while wearing a lime-green knotted.

The sunset in the backdrop reflected off of Hayek’s skin, making the picture even more stunning. Take a peek at these stunning images:

She captioned the photo, “Every time I need to feel renewed I jump into the ocean.” A million people liked the post within hours, and hundreds more commented on how great it was that the celebrity seemed to be “aging in reverse.”

“Amen, brother! Apparently, this queen doesn’t get older, according to one commenter. While another called her a “fine wine,” a third simply said, “Unbelievable at 56.” And that wasn’t the end of the feedback.


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