Puppy born with genetic defects was able to survive and grow up like a regular dog

There are men and animals born with hereditary, that is to say genetic, malformations.

And very often men, as well as animals, are hated for their differences.

The dog named Miracle is an example of such a case.

This puppy, the Aussie and Collie mix was born in the United States, with six paws and two tails.

He had seven siblings and all of them were healthy.

The birth of this dog caused a sensation throughout the region.

Even his mother abandoned him, so the little pup was taken to the veterinary clinic to be checked.

It was thought that the newborn with six paws and two tails could not survive.

But the baby with genetic defects persisted.

And why was the puppy so unusual?

According to specialists, the egg in the dog’s mother’s womb was likely to divide into twins, but was not completely successful and the rare dog was the result of this process and except its size, all its organs are in double, therefore, neither twin nor a usual animal.

We can also add that Miracle is a female and despite her case, she is sweet and very friendly.

Thanks to medical treatment, the dog is growing. He is in good health and his organs are working properly.

The dog lives in special conditions and is surrounded by the care and love of the staff.

The veterinarians declare that he will have no health problems.

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