An extremely well-preserved dinosaur embryo has been discovered in China

In China, researchers have discovered 66 million year old dinosaur eggs. The shells harbor extremely well-preserved embryos.

Chinese archaeologists have made an extraordinary find in the province of Jiangxi (southern China ) . Indeed, scientists have discovered perfectly fossilized dinosaur embryos at a construction site.

In total, the researchers unearthed 13 particularly well-preserved eggs. According to the team of archaeologists, the eggs harbored hadrosaurid embryos. You may not know it, but these dinosaurs were recognizable by their duck beaks. These giant herbivores were present on Earth 66 million years ago, particularly in Asia and Europe.

And the least we can say is that this loot fills the scientific community with joy. It will allow researchers to collect additional information on the development of this species of dinosaur. Note that well-preserved embryos are extremely rare.

” The early ontogeny of hadrosauroids is poorly understood, making it difficult to determine skeletal development and allometric trends across the clade ,” the research team said in a statement. The eggs are on display at the Yingliang Stone Natural History Museum in Fujian Province.

In 2019, a 66 million-old embryo was also discovered in Jiangxi province. The specimen – called “Baby Yingliang” – belongs to the family of oviraptorosaurs, feathered dinosaurs close to birds.

“This is one of the best dinosaur embryos ever found ,” said Fion Waisum, a paleontologist at the University of Birmingham, at the time.

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