Little pink creature crawling in the grass

Australia is known for its rich flora and fauna, and the huge island is home to a variety of species found nowhere else in the world.

So when Theresa found a little pink creature crawling in her garden, she didn’t really know what it was.

But a few weeks later, Theresa’s family has a new member…

In the animal kingdom, mothers are sometimes separated from their young. Sometimes the mother leaves the pups to fend for themselves, and sometimes, unfortunately, the mother pushes the pups away.

Theresa moved with her husband to rural Australia to retire, but they soon realized there was work to be done in the countryside too.

It involves caring for animals in various situations. So when Theresa found a little pink creature crawling on her lawn, she didn’t hesitate to pick it up.

Theresa quickly realized it was a little baby kangaroo and immediately took out a warm blanket to resemble its mother’s pouch.

She then rubbed the baby, named Hannah, with oil to keep the pink skin from cracking. This oil is similar to that found in the mother’s scrotum.

Theresa, who has raised many animals, knows that at the beginning you have to try to adapt the baby’s first period so that it is as close as possible to natural education.

– She’s not supposed to be here, but with her mother,” Theresa explains to The Dodo.

Hannah therefore had to spend the first part of her life in Theresa’s cloth bag, which the latter carried everywhere.

After a while, Hannah’s fur began to grow and she began to look more and more like a real kangaroo.

After a few weeks, it was time for Hannah to take her first steps.

Something that was both fun and a little scary, according to Hannah herself.

What a little bundle of joy!

You can watch the full report on little Hannah’s first days of life below.

How nice of Theresa and her husband to welcome the little kangaroo and help him!

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