Dad has to babysit his daughter and shares hilarious pics to keep his wife updated

It is natural for the father to take care of the child while the spouse works.

For example, this father knew how to take care of his children and wanted to “reassure her” by sharing funny photos with his wife when he had to babysit them.

Kenny Deuss from Antwerp became a father he and three years old. According to BoredPanda, Kenny and his girlfriend, the girl’s mother, have always taken a somewhat unhumorous approach to relationships and parenting.

As Kenny cared for little Alix, his partner kept asking him to send her pictures so they could make sure his little girl was safe and healthy.

Using a camera and Photoshop editing software, Kenny took photos but edited them to give them a hilarious twist.

Her partner can now fully appreciate the photos. She had to look twice the first time to see exactly what is happening.

“But it wasn’t long before she and her colleagues were eagerly awaiting new photos,” Kenny told BoredPanda.

They all became lovers of his creativity. Very nice action! Check out some of our favorite photos below!

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