It’s indeed quite sad. Internet users are shocked by the appearance of Meg Ryan, 61 years old.

Actress Meg Ryan was once one of Hollywood’s most popular actresses, loved and adored by her fans for her charming face and vibrant personality. However, she has been absent from the screen for a long time and rarely makes public appearances. Fans believe that this is the reason for the change in the actress’s appearance.

Ryan couldn’t come to terms with the early signs of aging. The actress succumbed to plastic surgeries and aesthetic injections. Sadly, soon fans could no longer recognize the once-beautiful actress. Meg Ryan had become simply unrecognizable. However, the actress has become dependent on all these procedures and is no longer able to stop.

Recently, the actress made her first public appearance in a long time at the premiere of the film “Encore.” However, fans were shocked by the appearance of the 61-year-old actress. Many people were dismayed by her appearance. Unfortunately, there was no trace left of her former beauty.


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