The dog was already covered with snow, but she did not get up: it turned out that she was warming a baby

Dogs became faithful companions of man about 30,000 years ago and ever since then, they have amazed people with their devotion. Often dogs show such strong and sincere feelings for their owners that people can only be surprised because they are not always capable of such love for their neighbour.

Dogs are very sensitive, they are not capable of betrayal or lying, they return kindness for kindness, and sometimes they even help people they don’t know at all.

This story, which happened in the Altai Territory five years ago, can be called a story of heroism, but it can also be called a terrible event. Residents of one of the villages noticed a dog in the morning. The animal was just lying in the snow, because of the strong snowdrift it was almost invisible.

It was the middle of winter, a lot of snow was falling and the frost was reaching 25 degrees. A dog in such conditions could not live on the street for long, so people rushed to his aid.

When people approached, the animal rose from the snowdrift, then the astonished locals realized that there was more than one animal in the snow. In the same snowdrift lay a child who appeared to be a little over two years old. It turned out that the dog did not move from its place and risked freezing in the snow in order to warm the baby at least a little with its warmth.

Residents immediately contacted doctors and the police. According to the doctors, the baby only caught a mild cold, but without the help of the dog and the quick intervention of the people, the consequences could have been much worse. The dog was called Hero.

This story is another confirmation of the incredible devotion of dogs and their willingness to sacrifice themselves for the good of man.

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