Fred and George are 37 years old”: What do the Weasley twins from Harry Potter look like today?

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was released almost 20 years ago – its worldwide premiere took place on November 4, 2001. Since then, the story of the boy who lived has truly captivated people of all ages.”

In 2001, Oliver and James Phelps were 15-year-old, red-haired, and slightly clumsy boys who captivated an army of millions of Harry Potter fans from their very first moments on screen.”

In 20 years, the Weasley twins have become handsome and rugged men; however, their roles in ‘Harry Potter’ have typecast them into a duo act. Since then, they have only been offered roles as twins.”

Both of them are trying to make their own way: they have individually acted in several short films and television shows, but so far, the roles of the older Weasley brothers have remained their calling card

Although the Phelps themselves insist that they don’t look that much alike: James is rounder than Oliver, and the latter has a mole on his neck. Oliver also left the ranks of bachelors in 2016 to marry his longtime girlfriend, Katie Hampage, and they had a baby a year later.”

Both brothers enjoy golf and are friends with Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, and Matthew Lewis, the other stars of Harry Potter.”

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