13-year-old sings Andrea Bocelli and makes “The Voice” judges cry

It’s not that often you see a youngster tackle a timeless classic like Andrea Bocelli’s ‘Time to Say Goodbye’. However, this 13-year-old proved the judges and audience wrong when she began the iconic notes that begin this classic operatic aria. Even from the opening orchestral melody, the judges were surprised. We can’t blame them, to be honest, why would anyone tackle such a difficult and touching song at a TV event? It’s beautiful, sure, but it’s one of the hardest songs you can sing.

It also begins very modestly and becomes much more intense until the climactic notes that frame the melody as something truly to be reckoned with. a publication However, she does not even miss a note and in 30 seconds already, two judges have pressed their buttons, allowing her to move on to the next round.

On the show it happened on, The Voice Kids Germany, it’s certainly not a common occurrence, so it came as a huge surprise to those involved. However, Solomia was ready to prove them wrong and set a record.

One of the judges was even so moved by the performance that she started crying, a real anomaly for what is usually such a difficult show to break into. What’s more impressive is that as the song progresses, her performance becomes more and more relevant, even culminating in the top notes in an incredibly succinct and beautiful way. Throughout the performance, her voice is never out of tune and she continually wows the audience throughout.

This is something you are going to want to hear for yourself. What did you think? Did this performance make you cry too? Show it to a friend who would be impressed by it!

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