After years of serving a cranky old man, the waitress receives the keys to his apartment as a payment

As Jessie put on her apron for her first day as a waitress in a restaurant, Mark informed her that since she was the new girl around, she would be working at table 13.

Jessie, however, noticed an elderly gentleman slouching in his chair and perusing the menu as she worked her way to table 13.

Jessie remarked, perplexed, “He’s just an elderly man. What is ailing him?

“Hey honey. He is awful. Prepare yourself. Nobody in this room like serving him,” Mark said.

“I’m capable of handling anything,” Jessie said.

She erred by sweeping aside Mark’s remarks, though. Mr. Nolan, the guy seated at the table, was a challenging customer.

He smiled as she walked up to him and inquired, “Who are you?”

What are you eating today, Jessie? She continued to grin as she said.

“You people usually ask me what I drink, and I always have the same thing:  iced tea. N onetheless, neither too chilly nor overly sweet. A straw, two lemon wedges,” the guy said indignantly.

“Perfect. And what will you be eating for lunch?”

” Get my iced tea and leave!” he commanded.

Jessie’s eyebrows shot up in surprise, but she turned around and placed the iced tea order. Despite placing a rather straightforward order, the man grumbled. It was initially excessively sweet and then became too chilly. There wasn’t enough juice in the lemon wedges. His straw wasn’t right, either.

Jessie added, trying not to lose her patience over the fourth glass she had made, “We only have paper drinking straws.”

“What a weak, ignorant generation,” the man responded, “Okay, I’ll have lasagna,” and he flung the menu at her breast.

Jessie had a smile on her face all the time. She wouldn’t allow that man to ruin her first day. But the lasagna was riddled with problems.

She actually served around six more families before he eventually finished since his order took so long. He did at least leave a tip.

At the conclusion of the day, Jessie said to Mark, “I should have listened.”

“Yeah. We apologize. But somebody’s got to look after him,” he chuckled.

Jessie, though, wouldn’t allow a customer to undermine her. She was acting in their best interests. Her spouse was working extra hours to support her five children at home. However, it was insufficient, so she eventually returned to work in an effort to improve things for them. Fortunately, her mother offered to watch her youngest kids while she worked.

Jessie, however, seldom spent any time with her children and returned home at night fatigued. She made a commitment to herself as she fell asleep that she would play with her kids tomorrow and do better.

Sadly, that didn’t take place. Because dealing with her disgruntled consumer made every day more complicated and challenging. Although being a waitress was more difficult now than when she was younger, at least she got big tips.

She served grouchy old Mr. Nolan for years, and the rest of the staff was amazed by the way she interacted with him.

He showed greater tolerance and perhaps gained some insight into her way of life. Most of the time, he was like a toddler having a temper tantrum, but occasionally, he would be nearly amicable and inquire about her life. Despite his complaints, he consistently left a 15% tip, so at least that was kind.

There was no money on the table one day, though. He usually paid and left a few extra bucks, but on that particular day, Jessie discovered a key and a message.

“Dear Jessie, I appreciate your patience in dealing with this cranky old man for so long. I won’t be returning because I’m now heading to a unique hospice. This is the home key I have. Yours it is. I’ll give you my business card so you can formally settle everything. My beloved, goodbye. P.S. Although my tea was very sweet, I didn’t object. See? Jessie read aloud, surprised, “It’s my turn.

She found it hard to believe. She could get in touch with him because he left his key, home address, and lawyer’s card behind. However, it was not achievable. Jessie questioned why he would trust a total stranger with his home. I am aware of his family.

She got in touch with the attorney and inquired about the hospice so she could go see him and get some answers. When she arrived, she noticed how emaciated Mr. Nolan had become. Although she hadn’t paid attention to it as much at the meal, it was clear.

The grouchy old guy informed her it was true and read to her what he had written in the message.

Yet why? What about your kids?” Jessie enquired.

“My kids despise me. They haven’t been seen or heard from in a very long time. For as long as I can remember, I was a grump to everyone in my life, and you were the only one who ever gave me a wide smile. Therefore, retain that home for your large family. It’s big. She added, as Jessie started crying, “It’s meant for individuals like you who can be patient with ancient things.

She wasn’t sure when she had begun to like Mr. Nolan’s company, but the prospect of never seeing him again was unbearable. Maybe she simply detested the fact that he was dying by himself. So, Jessie took her kids to see him that weekend, and for the first time in a long time, they caught the old guy grinning. That was well worth 1,000 tips.

A few weeks later, Mr. Nolan passed away, and Jessie was declared the legal heir to the home. His attorney claimed that his family had no interest, resulting in the transfer of his whole inheritance to her. Apart from the lovely house, there wasn’t much more, yet it was a big deal for her enormous family.

The fact that her kids now had their own rooms and Jessie and her husband had job advancements meant that their financial condition had slightly improved. Her kids were overjoyed. They had a lot to be grateful for, so in Mr. Nolan’s honor, they volunteered as much as they could at a senior care center.

And Jessie was always watching the older people who had the worst attitudes. They reminded her of the guy who had transformed her life, and she knew they were cranky for a reason.

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