They bought a run-down house and transformed it into a comfortable home.”

“A Hungarian couple made the decision to transform a dilapidated building into a thriving organic farm. They purchased an abandoned house and raised a variety of livestock and poultry. Together, they undertook the complete renovation of the building, which allowed their farm to prosper and become a source of income and benefits for the community.”

In 2015, Kremer Karina and Norbert Fogarasi decided to leave city life behind and settle in the countryside to create their own farm. The couple discovered a run-down house in the neighborhood of Siklos, on the outskirts of the Danube-Drava National Park.

After inspecting the house, Karina and Norbert decided to restore it. The charm of the peaceful village, located 14 kilometers from the administrative center, the town of Siklos, captivated them. At that time, only nine residents lived in the vicinity.”

“Norby, who turned out to be a skilled craftsman, used his acquired skills from repairing log houses to successfully complete the restoration of the house. Next to the house was a garden overrun by vegetation, just waiting to be revitalized.”

“The land adjacent to the house covered 1.2 hectares. The new owners cleared the land and embarked on the renovation work. The couple also has expansion plans for the Zelentor NaturFarm, with the goal of attracting more people to the village.”

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