“I’ve been flying planes for eight years, but people always take me for an air hostess: I’m tired”

Every person, since childhood, has a dream. An idea that they would like to realize when they grow up, but which is not always possible. Often these are jobs that we would like to do but are perhaps a little complicated. However, there are those who succeed and transform a passion or a desire into the profession of their life. Unfortunately, even in positive cases like this, problems can arise.

The proof is the young woman we are going to tell you about, who decided to open a subject that is very dear to her in order to make people understand the importance of putting an end to prejudices about people.

Sabrina Johnson is a 22-year-old professional who works as an airline pilot. Her journey began at the age of 14, when she took her first steps in this environment, driven by a very strong passion which, thanks also to her family, found a way to flourish.

And while her comrades spent their time more carefree, living their age to the fullest, this girl made her first flight completely alone at the age of 16 . The following year, she even managed to qualify as a private pilot and graduated as a flight instructor at age 20. But despite this ideal situation, all is not as rosy as it seems. For what ? Let’s find out.

Sabrina has stated that she is often accosted and people approach her, mistaking her for a flight attendant, despite wearing a pilot’s uniform . Nothing to complain about the work done by her colleagues, but to know that she has studied so much, made so many sacrifices and made so many efforts to achieve a goal, and to realize that it is not recognized simply because it is seen as predominantly male work, is rather distressing.

This is precisely the message she wanted to convey, thus raising an important question. It often happens that talented women, young or old, are not recognized for what they do, simply because of a preconceived idea, or because of stereotypes that are too deeply rooted in the human mind and that hurt to be abandoned. The short video posted on his Tik Tok account, on the other hand, wants to shine the spotlight on the importance of going beyond the clichés, of giving space to what people are really doing, recognizing their merits.

The same applies, if you think about it, to very young men and women who sometimes risk not being “taken seriously” in their work because they are “too young”. Rather, we need to understand the opposite and give everyone the importance they deserve, beyond age, gender or any other parameter. For Sabrina, it was a way of encouraging those who, like her, want to pursue an essentially male profession but let themselves be discouraged: don’t do it and always follow your dreams , only then will you be at peace. with yourself.

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