Here, trees and bushes turn into cats – one of the most wonderful “gardens” on the planet

All these 9 photos are the works of the remarkable surrealist artist Richard Sanders. It is the name of the person who creates these masterpieces of art. Richard is a surrealist painter. He is a simple Brit, but he creates very difficult figures of cats from dense bushes and trees. It should be noted right away that his works of art are very popular not only in England but also outside his home country.

This idea – to create large images of cats, came to Richard Sonders when he saw trees in the photo which were very helpful. It was then that the artist realized that this would become his hobby and work for years to come. Not all of Richard’s works are alike, but the inspiration for his designs comes from his beloved cat, Tolla.

Sadly, recently his beloved pet passed away, but his memory lives on in each new Richard creation. Richard also maintains his page on the Internet, where he pleases and pampers his subscribers with new works.

Some people even refuse to believe that it is just a picture, and they are sure that it really is – living bushes and trees, pruned in such an extraordinary way!

Richard, in turn, has to convince people otherwise: “I just take pictures of English gardens and put giant bushes there that are trimmed to look like a cat,” says Richard Saunders.

Again, it should be noted that all these photos are the work of the wonderful surrealist artist Richard Sanders. Yes, this is just a picture, but surely many would not refuse to hang such a picture in their house, will you agree?!

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