A little child is wailing on the street when a guy approaches him. “Take me away from them,” the youngster pleads.

Lewis Baker was a single guy who put in endless hours of work, frequently going above and beyond what was required, merely to distract himself from recent events in his life.

Lewis was not a single man a year ago. In truth, he was married to the lovely Brittany, but the marriage didn’t work out, and they got a divorce.

Lewis was reared in a big family and desired children, but Brittany had other interests and didn’t want that, which is why they split up. She didn’t like kids, thus she would never be a mother.
Lewis was able to see that their differences would make it impossible for them to coexist, and he immediately ended things with her. And after the separation, he hoped to find someone who would love children as much as he did…

Lewis heard sobbing on the corner of the street he was crossing one day as he was on his way to work. He came to a stop and concentrated on the commotion. It was coming from the nearby alley, he realized.

Even though he was running late for work, he had to go find the heartbroken soul who had been sobbing early in the morning. He eventually came face to face with a young child who was sobbing and sitting in the back of the alley.

Lewis wanted to assist the youngster since he felt bad for the kid. But just as he got close to the youngster, he suddenly lifted his head, showing his weeping deep red eyes, and stood up.

“Who – who are you?” he asked Lewis in a trembling voice.

“Don’t worry,” Lewis assured him. “I just want to help you. What’s a young kid like you doing out here by yourself?”

“If you can, please take me away from them! He said with imploring eyes, “Please.

“Who is he referring to?” Lewis was astounded to see the 8-year-old youngster in fear. Before he could ask the kid what was wrong and attempt to calm him down, the boy started screaming.

“Oh no! He looked over Lewis’ shoulder as if he had seen someone and exclaimed, “They’re here!” before sprinting away.

Lewis glanced back, but no one was coming toward them. He decided to follow the youngster since he was acting so weirdly, which surprised him.

Hey, wait, I can assist you, he shouted.
But the youngster persisted. The youngster carried on running and finally made his way to a church. Lewis followed him inside, but couldn’t find him. He looked all over the church, but he wasn’t there. It was as if the boy had disappeared like a ghost.

Lewis noticed the young child hiding behind the church and sobbing as he emerged from the building. As he reached him, he said, “Hey, hey, it’s all right. I am here to assist you. Are you alright?

Lewis was tightly wrapped in the boy’s arms as he gazed up. “Please stay with me! I apologize for having to flee. Can you bring me along? He sobbed. Lewis decided against leaving the young child since he felt an odd connection with him. He hugged her again and said:

Yes, I’ll assist you. You shouldn’t worry, I promise. However, you must first explain what occurred to me.
The young boy wiped his tears away gradually.

He sighed, “My name is Henry, and I’m eight years old. My parents passed away a few months ago, so I don’t have anybody to look after me.”

But surely there will be someone to look after you. Lewis questioned. Possibly your neighbors or anyone else?

Henry’s response was negative.
No, truly… I used to live in an orphanage until some cruel individuals abducted me one day.

“What?” Lewis’ shocked eyes widened. You mean you were taken captive?

Boy gave a nod.

“I was alone myself and walked by the orphanage. There are no pals of mine, thus nobody plays with me or hangs out with me. I am always by myself. So while I was walking, I felt something touch my nose from behind. I smelled something unpleasant and slept off. I noticed them when I opened my eyes. They were so filthy that I assumed they were beggars. And I was correct.

“Jesus! ” Lewis was hearing things that he couldn’t believe. He worriedly questioned Henry, “They didn’t damage you, did they?

Henry’s eyes suddenly started to tear up.

They were pretty nasty individuals. I was made to scavenge for food on the streets. I could never get away from them since they were constantly close by while I was begging. However, I got away from them this morning. But as you arrived to assist me, I caught a distant glimpse of them. They are trying to find me!

Lewis responded with a sorrowful heart, “That’s dreadful. But why didn’t you return to your orphanage, Henry? In comparison to these streets, you would be safer there.

He lamented, “It’s in a different section of town. “I have no idea how to go there on my own. I broke down in tears because I was frightened of being by myself. I’m delighted we connected! Don’t leave me, please.

I won’t abandon you. Lewis reassured the young kid, “I promise. Lewis is my name, just so you know. Come on, let’s explain everything to the police so they can get the bad folks. He continued, holding out his hand for Henry to grab, and the youngster firmly grasped it. “And later we’ll go to your orphanage,” he said.

Lewis and Henry discovered that Henry was already being sought after when they got to the police station. Although they believed he had run away from the orphanage, the truth was very different. After hearing the little boy’s heartbreaking tale, they felt sympathy for him. They decided to thank Lewis for his assistance and transport him securely to the orphanage.

You may leave, sir. At the scene, the officer assured him that from this point on, we would handle everything. Lewis, however, insisted on going to the orphanage with Henry.

“Officer, I genuinely hope you don’t mind. Looking at Henry, who was sharing a bench with another police officer, he informed the officer, “He’s still afraid, and I don’t want to leave him alone.

He was given a sandwich and chocolate milk by the cops, but he refused to take them. His hunger seems to have disappeared.

Lewis was permitted to stay with Henry for a little while longer by the police because of the boy’s poor situation and Lewis’ compassion for him. They also urged Henry to assist the sketch artist in drawing the persons he thought were responsible for kidnapping him before they left the police station that day.

Even though Henry was terrified, having Lewis at his side gave him courage, and he followed the officers’ instructions.

Later, Henry approached him as Lewis drove him to the orphanage and questioned:

“When you have time, could you come see me? You’re cool, Lewis. You have aided me. I appreciate that.

Lewis grinned and replied, “I’ll come visit you, Henry. Never, never believe you are alone, okay?

The youngster said, “Thank you,” and entered.

That day when Lewis returned home, he was unable to forget Henry’s face. He had a history of being a workaholic, but when it came to Henry, he didn’t hesitate to take a day off.

His supervisor called him numerous times on his phone, but he didn’t bother to answer them because all of his thoughts were focused on Henry and his well-being.

He left his residence considerably earlier the next morning simply to meet Henry before he headed for work. When the youngster saw him, he jumped with delight.
“Lewis, you kept your word! Thanks a lot!

Lewis handed Henry a box of chocolates and a set of brand-new sneakers while grinning. He had observed how worn and ancient Henry’s shoes were.

Lewis was touched by Henry’s grin as he asked for assistance with his shoes. He couldn’t believe that for the first time, anything other than his profession had captured his attention.

Nearly every morning before work, Lewis visited Henry, and spending time with the little child on the weekends had grown into a habit he would never stop.

Soon after, he understood how deeply attached he was to Henry and how much he didn’t want to be without him. He made the decision to adopt him and enquired about Henry’s desire for a father.

He addressed the youngster, “Will you live with me, Henry?” Only if you want me to be your father would I agree to be your father, he said.

The tiny youngster warmly embraced him and nodded.

“Lewis, I want to call you Daddy. He laughed, “Oops, Dad. “I sincerely appreciate everything. I cherish you, Dad.

Lewis returned Henry’s hug while visibly crying. He had always wished to have children, and suddenly his dreams had come true! After a lengthy adoption procedure, Henry ultimately acquired Lewis’ legal paternity.

The police continued to seek for the beggars who had stolen Henry throughout this time. Then, one day, Lewis received a call informing him that the beggars had been taken into custody and requested him to take Henry to the police station so they could verify their identities. Henry said that was indeed them.

Lewis ordered the police, “Officer, make sure they pay harsh fines for what they did. “I pray that they burn in hell!”

Henry and Lewis were glad to leave the police station that day knowing that the panhandlers who had attempted to kidnap Henry had been apprehended. They were content with one other and had no reason to worry anymore.

Lewis is no longer working and Henry is no longer lonely because they now share a home, and they spend their weekends together watching baseball or movies. Lewis drove Henry to and from school every day when he enrolled at a new school.

Lewis once ran across a female student at Henry’s school. Emily, a classmate of Henry’s, was picked up by her aunt every day because the girl’s parents were constantly at work.

After spending some time together, Lewis and Emily realized they were in love. They decided to be married after dating for a few months, and when Lewis informed Henry he was going to have a new mother, the small child was overjoyed.

Six months after they first met, Lewis and Emily got married, and a year later, they welcomed twins. Lewis is now a proud husband and father, and he has the lovely family he always dreamed of.


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