“Stylish, tailored suit, and luxury jewelry. Lauren, 88 years old, was carried into the world under her arms.”

“Actress Sophia Loren is rarely present at social events. Let’s recall that the cinema star celebrated her 88th birthday. Despite her venerable age, Sophia continues to make exceptions to the rules and occasionally appears at social events.”

“A few days ago, Sophia was photographed on the red carpet of a runway, accompanied by her family, who supported her by holding her hand, preventing her from stumbling. Lauren appeared in an elegant classic pantsuit, enhancing her look with precious jewelry. ‘She looks beautiful,’ ‘She stands tall despite her advanced age,’ ‘She has been and remains a diva,’ ‘An exceptional actress and a woman of impeccable beauty,’ ‘The ideal of feminine beauty,’ ‘I can’t help but admire her’ – I read under the rare and recent photos of the incomparable diva of Italian cinema.

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