A look that conveys all the pain and grief: the dog realized that he had been betrayed and abandoned

As soon as this video appeared on the network, it immediately became viral. In commenting under the video, many wrote that they cried while watching. The video was posted by one of the animal rights activists, who filmed the moment when the pit bull realized that he had been abandoned by his owners.

Elektra was brought to the shelter by her owner, the dog was already an adult by that time, she loved her owner and got used to her home. Situations when the owners give to the shelter an adult dog that has lived with them for many years are not rare, but this time the video with Elektra touched many, because the dog clearly did not expect the owner to treat her so cruelly.

The look of the animal is very eloquent, it displays all the emotions that the dog experiences. The video begins with Elektra entering the office of one of the shelter’s employees. The woman is talking to the dog, and the dog listens attentively. As soon as the owner left, the dog realized what was really happening and all the emotions that she experienced at that moment were displayed on her muzzle.

I would like to believe that Elektra will not be disappointed in people, and they will not turn away from her, and very soon the girl will find a new family that will never make her again experience the feelings that the shelter employee filmed.

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