This famous YouTuber bought an entire neighborhood for his family and employees to live there

For the past few years, YouTuber MrBeast has been buying houses in a neighborhood of Greenville, South Carolina, in order to house his family and employees.

On YouTube, MrBeast has 152 million subscribers. The 25-year-old young man by the name of Jimmy Donaldson recently decided to buy many houses in South Carolina.

His goal is to acquire an entire neighborhood of Greenville, where he grew up, to house his family and employees.

Over the past five years, the YouTuber has bought five houses on the same street in Greenville, for around $2 million. He invested in his first home in 2018 when it went up for sale, for $320,000. Two years later, he made his second purchase by investing in a home priced at $263,000.

Subsequently, MrBeast purchased three more homes in the same neighborhood. Currently, he only has one house left to buy on the street he wants, but he cannot realize his project for the moment since the accommodation is still occupied. Its inhabitants want to wait until their children have finished their schooling before moving.

If the YouTuber allows himself to spend all this money, it is because he can afford it. Thanks to his activity on the internet, he has become a formidable businessman. His videos bring him millions of euros and he was able to build an empire thanks to his subscribers.

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