To save the owner’s life, a devoted dog dragged a 5-kilometer rope that kept him from the cold

The faithful and devoted nature of dogs is beyond doubt by anyone. They will always be close to their owners and never leave them in difficult situations.

We will tell you a story about how a beloved pet saved the life of its owner and thus proved that dogs are true friends, capable of deep emotional attachment.

A man and his faithful dog decided to go fishing. It was at the very beginning of spring, when the sun’s rays were just beginning to warm up and the thin ice on the river was already beginning to melt slightly. Often fishermen neglect safety rules in this weather. The man decided to sit on the ice island, which was already too fragile. And so that the dog would not run away, he fastened it to his jacket.

The dog was large enough and lay down at his feet. He also took a drink with him, as the weather was rather cool and over time it began to affect the man.

It was already evening, but he was not going to go home, and now the ice cracked and he, along with the equipment, fell into the water. The dog was tied to a fairly long rope and she walked near the shore.

When the pet saw that the owner was going to the bottom, she began to desperately walk from the shore and pull the owner along with her. She was all exhausted, but still pulled him to dry land.

The man was frozen, under the influence of the drink and in shock, and did not even understand what was happening and did not even try to warm up. It was still five kilometers to the village, and the road was completely deserted.

And the dog heroically overcame this distance and dragged the owner to the village, began to bark loudly, calling people. And so they called an ambulance and, thanks to the dog, managed to save the owner from frostbite.

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