From desperation to joy: Couple is blessed with a miracle after years of infertility

Stephanie Freels and her husband Graham were blessed with quintuplets after years of battling infertility. The couple, faced with many challenges, moved to Phoenix to be closer to Dr. John Elliott, a perinatologist who specializes in multiple pregnancies. Stephanie underwent an emergency cesarean section at 27 weeks, and on June 4, the “Freels Five” – Adelyn, Eliana, Linnea, Fisher and Harper – were born prematurely but without serious complications.

Weighing less than two pounds each, the quintuplets spent 76 days in St. Joseph Hospital’s NICU, receiving exceptional care. Stephanie and Graham, grateful for the support, recently brought their “Freels Five” home to begin a new chapter as a family of seven. The Freels family’s heartwarming journey is an inspiring story of hope and resilience.

What a wonderful story! In a world where there is often a lot of negativity and sad news, we really need stories like these that bring us hope.

Congratulations to Stephanie and Graham, and best of luck for the future with your beautiful miracle babies!

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