A story about how this tiny child of 7 years old becomes the youngest surgeon on the planet

When he was just seven years old, Akrit Pran Jaswal shown that he was a real medical genius. He was always regarded as a young prodigy by his family.

They claim that the child started to walk and talk when he was under 10 months old. And by the time he was two years old, he could already read and write!

This Indian youngster caught Oprah’s attention because of how special he was. He achieved the highest IQ in India at the age of 13 after passing the test with a score of 146.

However, Acrit rose to fame after performing surgery on an eight-year-old child. She was burnt so severely when she was quite little that her fingers had almost completely healed.

But for years, her impoverished family was unable to afford the operation that would have fixed it.

Akrit became known as a genius in his town by the time he was seven years old. One day the girl’s father approached him and requested that he do surgery on his daughter without charge. Akrit answered in the affirmative.

The relatives of the young patient immediately handled all the legalities. Additionally, on November 19, seven-year-old Akrit separated two fingers successfully in one hour.

The event was videotaped by Akrit’s parents, who then shared the footage online. The 7-year-old surgeon woke up famous a few days later.

Akrit received admission to Punjab University four years after his tragic operation, setting a new record. He became the world’s youngest student!

The prodigy quickly received an invitation to speak at London’s Imperial College, where he discussed his concepts with researchers doing cutting-edge medical studies.

Akrit has a burning ambition to discover a cancer treatment as a youth. He revealed to Oprah that he has an idea that may serve as the foundation for his investigation into “oral gene therapy.”

Akrit expressed his deep sorrow for the plight of cancer patients in India who are left with no choice but to pass away on the side of the road due to financial constraints. He sought to assist them by using his expertise.

Since I was six years old, I have spent a lot of time in hospitals and have witnessed many individuals in suffering. It really saddens me. That is the primary driving force for my love of medicine and interest in cancer.

The talented Indian man is now 29 years old. He still works in medicine and aspires to develop a cancer treatment. Akrit Jaswal stated in an interview with The Sunday Times:

“When I was eight years old, the concept struck me. I read a lot of books and articles on it. I’m working on a cure that involves changing the incorrect genes that fuel cancer cells and then effectively repairing them.

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