The second Ruby Rhod: the son of the Fifth Element star has become a copy of his father.

The young man could easily play his father’s role in the new installment of the film.

Chris Tucker has kept his personal life a big secret. It’s not known for sure if he is currently in a relationship. However, the star has an adult heir – and he looks just like the actor.

A comedic artist, Russians fell in love with him after his role in Luc Besson’s cult classic “The Fifth Element.” The showman took on the role of the eccentric Ruby Rhod. In real life, the 51-year-old American is quite different: no leopard costumes, no wild hairstyle. Instead, he has a laconic style with modest jackets. Furthermore, the celebrity’s son tries to emulate his image in every way.

According to open sources, we know that Destin is the result of Tucker’s past relationship with his ex-wife, Asia Pryor. The young man is now an adult. He is often seen with his father at basketball games. In recent years, they have been seen together, walking the red carpets at movie premieres.

Tucker Jr. – a tall and handsome man with a slender figure. Like his father, he sports a small mustache and a dark beard. In photos found on the web, it’s difficult to distinguish the family members.

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