Bus driver breaks rules for letting dogs shelter from the thunderstorm on the bus

The city of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, was hit by a huge thunderstorm.

The storm was terrifying for most animals, especially the abandoned and homeless animals on the streets.

Unlike pets, they don’t have a warm home to snuggle up in and are stuck on cold, harsh streets. It is a heartbreaking sight to behold.

Luckily, there are still plenty of kind-hearted people out there who are willing to help these poor animals.

And the bus driver in this story is one of them. When the driver spotted two stranded dogs soaked in cold rainwater during his shift, he opened the door and let the shivering dogs onto his bus.

The city does not allow animals on public transportation, with the exception of service animals.

But when the bus driver saw the stray dogs shivering in the middle of a thunderstorm, he didn’t hesitate to break the rules and let them on board. He even comforted them and talked to them as if they were his own dogs.

His action made the passengers cry! They took and shared many photos of the dogs during their ride and on social media.

They hoped someone would be interested in helping, fostering or adopting these strays.

Needless to say, photos of his kind act went viral and melted everyone’s hearts.

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