For 7 years, he traveled around the world with his adopted dog

A New Jersey man and his dog travelled the world together for seven years in what will forever be the adventure of a lifetime.

“We have covered six continents, traveled more than 45,000 kilometers and more than 38 different countries,” declared Tom Turcich to our American colleagues from the Inside Edition media. To begin this extraordinary journey, Tom Turcich left his house on April 2, 2015, the day before his 26th birthday. Today, he is 33 years old and has only just returned home after many years on the road.

“I am the tenth person to walk around the world. Savannah is the first dog,” said the adventurer. The latter walked from New Jersey to Panama City in the space of a year. He then went from Bogota, Colombia to Uruguay. He also took a ship to Antarctica and flew to Denmark. During his trip, Tom Zurich got into the habit of telling his routine on social networks.

“Every day is quite simple. Waking up, probably grabbing a granola bar with peanut butter. Make a cup of coffee. Repack the tent. Start walking,” explained Tom Turcich. Savannah didn’t actually start the journey with him. But four months into the trip , during a stop in Austin, Texas, he realized he was lonely and adopted her from a shelter when she was just three months old. . “I figured she would grow up on the road and that would be the only life she would know, so she would be perfectly suited for that,” he said.

On average, the two friends walked between 28 and 38 kilometers per day and Tom Turcich said he used more than 40 pairs of shoes, which says a lot about the effort made to get there. There were some scary moments, like when he was shot at by a shotgun in Turkey: “They were plainclothes soldiers I met in the mountains. They thought I was a terrorist.”

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