He incorporates flowering trees into his murals to create unique portraits

In Brazil, this street artist paints portraits of women, whose hair is the flowering trees that adorn the street. The result of these unique associations is magnificent.

Fabio Gomes Trindade is a street artist in Brazil. This painter creates unique works, since he mixes painting and nature . Indeed, he likes to represent portraits of women on the walls of his city, and he uses tree branches and flowering bushes to represent their hair.

When he creates a new work, Fabio Gomes Trindade only paints the faces of the women he wishes to represent. The hair is complemented by nature, as the trees come to form beautiful hair and complete the painting. Thus, the artist perfectly manages to combine urban elements with the natural environment, which gives a lot of charm to his creations.

The last two portraits of the artist are inspired by a little girl named Egypt Sarai, a young model. Fabio Gomes Trindade has depicted the face of the little girl twice. In the first portrait, the young girl is wearing an afro made up of pink flowers. On the second, her hair is parted in two buns on each side, represented by bushes with white flowers.

On these unique creations, the candid features of the little girl blend perfectly with the softness of the flowering trees. Fabio Gomes Trindade has an Instagram account where he shares his works of art . His unique talent has already won over 75,000 subscribers, who follow his creations on the social network.

Impressive, isn’t it?

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