The judge completely collapses as this Venezuelan singer hits the first note

The judge is French-Canadian singer Cœur de pirate and the competitor is Yadam Andres Guevara from Venezuela. Yadam was 19 when he auditioned for season 13 of Nouvelle Star, the French version of American Idol. Just as he began his first note of “Crier Tout Bas”, Judge Coeur de Pirate was all in tears and couldn’t contain his emotions throughout. Not only the emotional nature of the song but also the fact that it was his song got everyone emotional. What is this song about? And what is it about this powerful hearing that has created such magic in this room? Here is the full story:

Nouvelle Star was one of the highest-rated shows on French television in 2017, so it was a huge audition for Yadam. Instead of returning to Venezuela, he joined a host family and eventually came to try New Star.

He started singing and immediately Coeur de Pirate started crying because she was so honoured and inspired by the song choice. Tears flooded her face until the end of her performance. She said she had thought about stopping the music completely so many times. But Yadam’s incredible performance reminded her why she wants to keep singing.

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