The special woman is a loving mom and presents her paintings and her 4-year-old daughter

Belgian Sarah Talbi, 39, lives in Brussels. She is the mother of a little girl. She shares her daily life on Instagram to encourage others.

Since she was born without arms, she has grown accustomed from birth to using her feet instead of her hands.

Doctors could not explain why Sarah was born without arms, especially since she has no other health problems.

The Belgian is a shining example proving that it is possible to live with a big handicap.

She manages her daily life on her own.

She keeps pointing out that with her feet she can do anything she needs to do: shower, put on makeup, raise her four-year-old daughter, cook and finally paint.

In order to support others by her example, Sarah shares her lifestyle on Instagram.

She studied English and Spanish at the University of Brussels and lives independently.

In 2016, she discovered painting with her foot and took several courses. She now sells her books.

When Sarah walks around her hometown, you don’t immediately notice that the slender young woman is special.

As she said in a YouTube interview with Studio 10, she has no problem handling housekeeping.

Of course, something is wrong while cooking, “but I don’t post it on Instagram,” she says with a smile.

First, she presented herself on Instagram as an artist, but more and more questions were asked about her daily life without arms.

This is why Sarah has started to also share moments with her daughter Liliah where she dresses and bathes her daughter or cooks.

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