Out for a quiet drink, these two Welsh ended up on a plane to Ibiza

Two friends have shared how their evening went incredibly long after going out for a casual drink on Friday night… only to end up on a spontaneous weekend trip to Ibiza ! Dan Evans and Alex Stubbs were out for a quiet drink in Merthyr when someone suggested they go to Magaluf in Mallorca.

Dan and Alex thought it was a brilliant plan, and neither one nor two, they took a taxi to Cardiff airport. After stopping at home to pick up their passports and phone chargers, they went straight to the airport. But once there, they had to change their plans because the only flight to Mallorca was full. Not admitting defeat, however, the two friends preferred to take a flight to Ibiza, reports our colleagues from WalesOnline.

With no hotel and no return flight booked, the duo of friends bought some shorts and headed straight for the Ocean Beach club, before finding a nightclub to spend the rest of this emotional night there. Dan says: “We literally partied all weekend, and when the sun came up on Sunday morning we had to think about how we were going to get home. And for good reason, Dan and Alex had only bought one-way tickets from Cardiff, and the only possible return on Sunday was to London Stansted.

Under these conditions, one imagines that the eyes must have been particularly small when making the return journey. “It was more difficult to find a plane home, but we found one and arrived in London well in time for work on Monday. It was a bit of a shock to the body, but it was worth it. We have no regrets and we will probably do it again,” said Dans, already nostalgic for their festive trip.

In any case, one thing is certain, Dan and Alex will remember this improvised trip for a long time!

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