This piggy bank is infinitely reusable thanks to its innovative system

No need to break the piggy bank with a hammer. A designer has come up with an ingenious idea to repair his precious piggy bank endlessly without having to change it regularly.

Breaking your beautiful piggy bank for change breaks your heart? From now on, you will no longer have to make such a sacrifice.

Dario Narvaez, an American designer, has developed an infinitely reusable piggy bank. How ? Using unbreakable magnetic material.

The famous white piggy bank in the shape of a pig is presented as a basic piggy bank as we know it. Except that Dario Narvaez’s version has cracks all over the surface of the object, which are actually interlocking pieces : at the level of the animal’s ears, in its back, above its legs …

These are PVC metal parts that can withstand the various shocks that the piggy bank could suffer. We find the slit located on the back of the pig and, when the time comes to harvest its jackpot , a little blow can ‘break’ the piggy bank.

The pattern then winds itself up to the next time again and again. This unbreakable piggy bank won first prize at the A’ Design Award in 2022. No doubt it could make many people happy.

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