This dog, found tied to a post, offers his paw to the police officer who came to untie him

In Florida, a scene as sad as it is moving took place in an impasse: a dog found tied to a post held out its paw to a policewoman who came to rescue him.

Angela Laurella is a police officer from Florida, USA. Last week, she rescued a dog that was found tied to a post. The facts took place in a dead end located in Pompano Beach.

The animal, which was probably abandoned by its masters, was in a sorry state. Indeed, the poor canine suffered from dehydration and malnutrition. The intervention of the police saved his life.

The dog holds out its paw to its savior
That day, the young woman slowly approached the ball of fur before extending her hand to him. For his part, the dog did not hesitate to give him his paw in return. Once confidence was established, the officer reassured the animal by stroking it.

The dog, named Liam, was moved to a shelter called 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida. On the spot, the canine underwent a series of examinations because his state of health was worrying.

Today, Liam is getting back on his feet with his peers. Unsurprisingly, the staff takes great care of him. It must be said that the doggie is a real ball of tenderness and kindness.

“He loves everyone, and there’s not a shred of badness in him. To me, that means everything, because after all he’s been through, he’s still so grateful and forgiving ,” said Amy Roman, president and founder of the animal welfare association.

Despite everything he’s been through, Liam still offers his touch to visitors. As you will have understood, he wishes to receive love from people and to find a loving family, in which he can flourish.

“ I think humanity can learn a thing or two from dogs like Liam , a It gives you faith,” Amy told The Dodo news site.

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