Baby elephant cried for 5 hours due to separation from mother, who tried to harm him

Chinese zoo staff witnessed a heartbreaking sight. The baby elephant, who was separated from an aggressive mother, cried for five hours.

According to the British tabloid Metro, a joyous event took place in the Chinese zoo. A baby elephant is born. However, the jubilation of the Wildlife Museum staff was premature, as the newborn baby nearly died. His mother stepped on him right after giving birth.

The vets decided there had been an accident. They took the baby elephant out of the cage to observe and, if necessary, provide first aid. The examination showed that the elephant really inflicted injuries on its calf, so the specialists had to treat the wounds of a small patient.

Two hours later, vets brought the newborn back to the cage to establish contact with the mother. But their actions led to the opposite result. As soon as the baby elephant was near the parent, she repeated her behavior, beginning to trample her own child.

Zoo staff, shocked by his behavior, rushed to pick up the newborn from the aggressive mother and transport him from a safe distance.

The separation from his mother upset the injured baby elephant so much that he started crying.

The workers tried to pet the orphan, but their attempts were unsuccessful.

“He cried nonstop for five hours,” says the guide. “And all because of the separation from his mother, who tried to harm him․ »

“There could be a strong bond between them. However, the elephant behaved inappropriately, so we couldn’t risk the life of the baby elephant,” the Wildlife Museum’s press secretary told reporters.

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