When his parents gave him the pony he had saved up $1,900 for, the child sobbed uncontrollably

A little child from Queensland, an Australian state in the northeast, who saved money to buy a pony, was featured as the hero of a remarkable news story. How delighted he was when his parents, at last, bought him a brand-new companion!

Sebastian Kent has a strong affinity towards animals, particularly horses. At the young age of 4, he got the chance to ride for the first time on a nearby farm. These gallant and lovely creatures captured Sebastian’s heart right away. After returning home, he made the decision to begin saving money for his own pony.

Sebastian made the decision to establish his own company, according to the 9News report, in order to realize his ambition. He set up a stall close to his home and began selling lemonade and other beverages there. “Sebastian and Co. – Cold drinks station” was written on a small stand.

A casual customer might purchase lemonade, iced tea with strawberry taste, cold coffee, and water here in addition to lemonade. Later, Sebastian added apple juice to the list of available items. All beverage bottles came with customized labels with the portrait of the company’s founder and were priced at two Australian dollars. Sebastian was not limited only to sales from the stand and often offered his products to friends during informal events and meetings.

His parents then gave him the promised pony. Sebastian lost control of his emotions when he first saw the lovely white animal and started crying. The kid started to cry with excitement, and his father took him up right away. After that, when his parents inquired about his new pony, his youngster yelled that the animal was simply great. Sebastian has already been able to get along with his pony, Tumboy, and he is eager to ride it around the gorgeous meadows that are close to the Kent residence.

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