A brave 23-year-old girl becomes the adoptive mother of 34 children

Often, our life is full of difficulties and to continue living, we must constantly overcome them.

Tusayiwe Mkhondya gave birth to her child when she was an 18-year-old girl.

Then she found herself alone, without a home and without help.

So the creative girl decided to found an association called YANA (You Are Not Alone) for children without parents and in need.

Fortunately, she succeeded. The girl took in children from a few months to 16 years old.

Five years have passed and now the 23-year-old has 34 children.

Among the little ones, there are those who are without parents or have only one parent.

Tusayiwe admits that it is not easy to raise so many children, but although she often gets tired, she takes care of them with pleasure and does everything possible to ensure that they grow up safe and sound and receive a good education.

On her TikTok page, the girl frequently talks about her children and presents their daily life.

Tusayiwe feeds them, changes the babies’ diapers and for the little ones, she prepares food herself.

The wife begins her work until nightfall, when the children are already in bed.

“I always have to be ready for work today and tomorrow,” she says on TikTok.

She is generally considered a mother of 34 young.

Her subscribers follow the posts of the courageous mother of so many children and congratulate and thank her for her bravery, as she fulfills her mission full of charity without any profit.

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