After spending more than 1,200 days at the shelter, Cami finally knows happiness

Disadvantaged by her race, her appearance and some problems of cohabitation with her congeners of the same sex, Cami the dog was constantly ignored by people who came to the shelter where she lived, looking for an animal to adopt. After more than 3 years of waiting, someone finally gave him a chance.

Cami was the oldest resident of his shelter, but this dog was finally able to leave him to start a whole new life after his adoption, reported the Saint Frances Animal Center association on his Facebook page.

The announcement was made on October 15, 2022 by the organization based in Georgetown, South Carolina (Southeast of the United States). It was in this refuge that she had spent a total of 1248 days.

The almost 4-year-old female Pitbull cross unfortunately did not interest visitors and potential adopters. Her race and her difficult past clearly put her at a disadvantage compared to the other residents of the shelter. The Saint Frances Animal Center team had worked hard to correct her behavioral issues and make her the sweet Cami she is today.

The association regularly launched calls about him on its Facebook page. The volunteers knew they would eventually find a loving home for the canine.

They were looking for a family without another dog, cats or small children. This greatly reduced the prospects for adoption. Despite all the difficulties, luck finally smiled on her.

A woman who had come to meet another dog finally fell in love with Cami and was able to spend some time with her. The agreement was perfect and the adoption was formalized.

Cami, who loves people, beach walks, tummy time rubs, water tubs and sunbathing, will now be able to indulge in it all with her new family.

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