Incredibly complicated hula-hoop routine attracts millions of views

The Filipino dance group was an all-male group and usually performed acts that included a dance routine with lots of stunts. However, the group members had tried very hard not to be eliminated.

The dancers were confident and tossed and turned effortlessly on stage.

Their performance seemed effortless, although it was one of the most dangerous acts as it involved a lot of tossing and jumping on each other. However, the outstanding performance was carried out with high precision and had no flaws.

When the dancers started the number, it was like a performance at the opening of the show. The hula-hoop added to the beauty of the dance. The DJ mixing the music for them was the best part and was one of the highlights of the group.

Even the judges were impressed with the dance performance as these guys were terrific dancers and acrobats. The energy these guys showed on the dance floor was breathtaking. Their well-coordinated dance impressed the 4 judges – Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Howie Mandel and the audience.

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