Bandage on the nose, corners of the mouth pulled. How Priscilla Presley has aged with plastic surgery.”

The wife of the legendary Elvis Presley celebrated her 78th birthday. Despite the challenges that have marked Priscilla’s life, she has no intention of giving up her position and maintains her beauty through cosmetic surgery and cosmetic procedures

It’s worth noting that the wife of the famous singer recently lost her only daughter of Elvis, and years before that, she also lost her beloved grandson. Internet users still believe that Priscilla may have gone too far with plastic surgery.

In new photos, the woman even poses with a bandage on her nose, which has raised bewilderment among her beauty admirers. “Some don’t seem to grasp the concept of moderation. It’s great that she takes care of herself at such an advanced age, but why go too far?”

I think it’s time to stop plastic surgery,” “She already has a beautiful appearance for her age. It’s time to let nature take its course,” “She is beautiful with or without cosmetic surgery.”


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