This mom created her own cardboard doppelgänger to comfort her baby while she rests

Direction Japan where a couple of young parents have found the best way to rest while watching their toddler. A genius idea!

Raising a child is not easy and there comes a time when moms and dads need to breathe.

Problem, these naughty rascals do not always hear it that way and grant little respite to their parents.

So, some have no choice but to use stratagems to give themselves a little rest from time to time.

This is particularly the case of this Japanese mother who had an idea as funny as it was original to be able to escape from her child, the time of a small nap.

She has indeed created her cardboard “double” to reassure her child by making him believe that she is still in the same room, while she rests and her husband takes over.

And it works ! The child sees nothing but fire and his mother can rest, without worrying about her child, who remains under the supervision of his father .

The couple called on a specialized company to make two cardboard characters in the likeness of the mother. And the result is stunning!

On his Twitter account, Sato Nezi, the dad filmed the scene and the video went around social networks. In view of the images, it is true that the child seems more interested in television and his toys than in his mother but, obviously, he does not realize anything.

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