This Teacher Teaches Students Anatomy While Wearing A Costume That Shows The Human Body In Detail

We often remember our teachers who taught us in a special way in order to give us deep knowledge.

Here is an exceptional teacher, Verónica Duque, a perfect specialist who teaches students natural and social sciences, English and Spanish languages ​​and even art.

This 43-year-old woman spends her lessons in an unusual and interesting way.

She always likes to improve her knowledge and her ways of teaching to make her classes more effective.

One day she found a bathing suit on the Internet that showed the human body in great detail.

“I know how difficult it is for students to visualize the structure of organs in the human body, so I decided to try this swimsuit as a teaching material,” the teacher said on her WEB page.

And the third-grade teacher spent her anatomy lesson dressed in a costume that featured the human body.

When his colleague Michael shared the photos from this lesson on social media, they immediately went viral with several likes and comments.

To make her classes more interesting, Verónica Duque finds new teaching methods and always surprises her students.

She has also prepared costumes for history lessons and to explain grammar, she uses cardboard crowns.

“The teacher has to be creative at his job and I wish society didn’t see teachers as just office workers,” Veronica explained on her personal page.

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