Fortunately, the dog was identified. People carried the dog from the field on themselves in order to save him

A pregnant dog lay down in the midst of a field next to a neighborhood, and she soon gave birth to two puppies. She was once found by three women who frequently strolled here with their dogs. The abandoned puppy was in horrible shape. She was absurdly slim. Her two puppies were, however, chubby toddlers. What the mother might possibly consume in the midst of the field is a mystery.

The foundlings’ patronage was taken over by the ladies. They brought a table from the city, placed an old blanket at the bottom, and covered it with an oilcloth. So they had a warm home where they could take shelter from the storm, Mom and the kids. The ladies delivered food and drink to the wards each day. The mother dog eventually noticedably rounded up and always greeted her rescuers with delight. The women’s pets enjoyed chasing the mongrel around the field while they played together. The puppies eventually started to be interested in and treat the older dogs well.

The women once visited the animals they had supported, but nobody answered the door when they knocked. Mom was known as the dog. But it was in vain. A black stain on the blanket was seen by the watchers. It appears that the pet vomited. But suddenly, their ward emerged from the underbrush. She emerged in an odd manner, rocking back and forth.

The dog had a significant wound on its side that one of the women observed, and its muzzle appeared enlarged. She needed to see a doctor right now. They made a call to a volunteer, who informed them that he would only be able to bring the cage after lunch. There was no room for hesitation. So they made the decision to drag the dog across the field while it was covered in a blanket. After that, put it in your car and go to the hospital.

It turned out to be more complicated than expected, though. The dog weighed a much. It was uncomfortable to move in tandem along the confined route. Because of this, after 30 minutes, the women could bare minimally carry the victim to the highway. The wounded poor dog during this time never even squeaked, endured as best he could.

To come and get the dog from the field, they summoned the husband of one of the ladies. As soon as the victim arrived at the veterinary clinic, the temperature was taken, an anesthetic was administered, the wound was attended to, and antibiotics were prescribed. The puppy proved to be a good gal in the end. She patiently underwent each operation. One of the women then drove her home. A volunteer girl visited the victim in the evening. She brought the dog to a different veterinarian since she did not like how she looked.

It was determined to carry out a procedure there. But the doctor was occupied. In order to perform surgery at the morning, they offered to leave the dog in the clinic for the night. We are certain that because the animal is in qualified hands, everything will go smoothly for her.

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