Discovered in a package transported from China to Canada, this cat is a miraculous survivor

In Richmond, Canada, a cat was discovered in a package from China. He miraculously survived his journey but surely exhausted one of his nine lives.

It’s a sad find by the employees of the international mail service airport in Richmond. According to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), the cat was spotted through a hole punched in the package: “When officers looked into the box, they saw a pair of blinking eyes staring at them,” says Binder. Kooner, chief operating officer of CBSA at CTV media.

No one knows if the cat was really the package or if it accidentally slipped into the package. Affectionately called “Precious Cargo”, the cat was too shy to eat and drink.

The cat was then taken to a veterinary clinic before being placed in a shelter. As a precaution and in view of the uncertainties concerning its origin, it was vaccinated and tested against certain bacteria and diseases.

The cat was then taken to a veterinary clinic before being placed in a shelter. Visibly frightened but healthy, he appears ready for adoption after a week of rehabilitation, according to the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA).

According to Krista Shaw, manager of the BC SPCA in Richmond, the cat could have boarded the plane during a stopover between China and Canada. Only here, impossible to know how long it remained in this package. When we know the appetite of cats for cardboard boxes, we can imagine that Precious Cargo was naturally introduced there.

Today, the cat was picked up by a foster mom who is considering adopting her: “The foster mom tells me that the cat is starting to eat and drink a little more, and feels more and more comfortable with her and in her house” , explains Krista Shaw.

We can therefore be reassured for Precious Cargo which seems to be gradually acclimating to its new life after such an incident.

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