The dog adorably joins the police dance challenge: it is so cute to see him trying to follow all the steps

Police dog commands attention during dance challenge for officers

One of the new challenges on YouTube is a dance that many people find very funny.

Blanco Brown created a complete dance manual for his famous song The Git Up.

The video has received over 42 million views since last summer.

Many people are dancing to this music video tutorial and it has already become a popular trend.

Even firefighters and policemen participated, adding a bit of humor and showing off their dancing skills.

In one of the videos, in particular, even a police dog was seen.

A few months ago, a Git Up contest started on the Internet.

This dance challenge was enthusiastically received by a large number of people around the world.

Even the police and fire department participated in this dance competition.

People who have accepted the dance challenge believe it brings friends, families and colleagues together for one simple reason: they can have a great time!

Sutter. They all agreed that a little dance battle would be a great way to solve any problems.

This dance was filmed and uploaded to YouTube.

It received over a million views.

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