A dog entered this guy’s house, begging for help

On Twitter, Jack Jonkinen wrote that the first person he saw in the house in the morning was a dog. Except that Jack and his wife only had one dog until this morning, and it wasn’t him at all.

“The animal we found in our house was very scared. We didn’t know how he got into our house and were very excited, fearing someone had climbed on top of us. The dog was shaking all over, both frightened and cold, because he was very wet,” says Jack of the unexpected guest.

Jack checked the doors and windows, but they were closed. To find out how the dog ended up in their home, the man decided to check the surveillance cameras. The video from the cameras gave an exhaustive answer to the question of how the dog entered the house.

Returning from a walk with George, his dog, Jack did not close the doors properly, leaving a gap. At night, the wind opened the door and, noticing this, the stray dog ​​rushed to hide from the street in bad weather.

In the morning, one of the neighbors noticed the doors to Jack’s house were open and slammed them, so the dog stayed in the house and couldn’t leave until people woke up.

Jack and his wife didn’t kick the dog out, rather they took him to the vet. The vet reported severe exhaustion and very low weight in the animal, and also found several injuries that required treatment.

According to the vet, the dog is about 9 years old and has lived most of his life on the streets.

Jack and his wife kept the dog with them throughout the treatment. Proper nutrition, care and medication quickly had the desired effect, the dog transformed right before our eyes.

The dog’s name was Paddy.

The family decided to keep him.

So Paddy found a new family and finally became happy, because now he is surrounded by love and care.

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