The owl was too fat to fly, but soon got the necessary help

While for many of us staying in shape is becoming increasingly difficult, given today’s lifestyle, the same cannot be said for wildlife. Where can we?

Well, apparently a “soggy” bird was rescued after it was found to be too big to fly.

When a landowner in England first spotted the owl, it was lying in a ditch. Assuming it might be injured, the man took the bird to the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary.

Upon further examination, the sanctuary staff realized that the “little one” was actually a bit too big.

“Usually in these cases we assume that some sort of injury prevents the owl from flying – sometimes getting wet also causes them to become immobilized,” the group wrote in a Facebook post.

“So you can imagine our surprise that when we examined her, we found her to be just extremely obese.”

While under normal circumstances this type of owl usually weighs around 3 ounces, the one that was rescued weighed nearly 9 ounces.

Given this, “she was unable to fly effectively due to fatty deposits around her body”, according to the rescue team.

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