Exasperated by his audience, Renaud interrupts his concert in Lille, in the middle of a song

In the middle of a concert, singer Renaud expressed his dissatisfaction with part of the public.

The return to the stage of Renaud, after 6 years of absence, was eagerly awaited by his fans.

After the release last year of his cover album entitled “Métèques”, the one who is nicknamed “the annoying singer” announced a new tour of at least 40 dates, which started on January 20 in Avignon ( Vaucluse).

Exasperated by the spectators who film, Renaud stops his concert in Lille
This new tour of French halls, but also Belgian and Swiss, led him this week to Lille (Nord) for a series of two concerts , which ended last night at the Sébastopol theater.

The next meeting is scheduled for February 28 at the Palais des Congrès et de la Culture in Le Mans (Sarthe). For the occasion, those who will have the chance to take a seat in the room should expect an uncompromising Renaud.

And it is not the public present during the last Lille performance who will come to say the opposite. The spectators who attended the concert on Tuesday, February 21 were indeed instructed to “not film and not take photos”, report our colleagues from the Voice of the North.

Already given by the security guards at the entrance to the room, this instruction was then repeated at the microphone before the artist arrived. A staff member even came in the middle of the public to dissuade those who dared to take their phone out of their pocket.

But despite this directive, many spectators did not hesitate to film and take pictures of the singer on stage .

An attitude that was not to the taste of Renaud, who ended up abruptly interrupting his concert in the middle of a song.

“I no longer want to sing (…) I hate social networks”, he would then have launched to the public according to La Voix du Nord, which affirms that Renaud was “ close to leaving the stage”.

Despite this moment of hesitation, during which the interpreter of “Mistral Gagnant” did not hide his annoyance, the concert finally resumed to end without incident.

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