When the mother saw squirrels in her window and started looking at them more closely, she immediately called the police… Here’s what happened.

When this woman woke up to a strange noise, she noticed that there were two squirrels in her window. The cute rodents hid in the corner of the doorway. She could watch the squirrels hugging for hours. She especially liked the cute expressions on their faces when they slept. Mom saw squirrels in her window – but when she got a closer look, she immediately called the police. However, when she took a closer look at the animals, she suddenly got the shock of her life… Mia, 44, had a great start to the day.

For the first time in years she had a good night’s sleep. It had been so long since she had stayed in bed until after seven o’clock. Her husband and son were skiing. While they were on a “man-to-man” vacation, the mother was able to enjoy her freedom. She could do whatever she wanted for a week. Who wouldn’t want that? It had only been a day since they left the house and Mia was already enjoying the day. Unfortunately, this freedom wouldn’t last long. What a great feeling to wake up and not have to do anything. This reminded Mia of her student days. Back then she could spend all day in bed, maybe order a nice breakfast and watch Netflix all day. Additionally, the house was very quiet and peaceful. “I’ll take a nap before I eat,” thought the sleepy woman.

She turned around and closed her eyes again. Mom saw squirrels in her window – but when she got a closer look, she immediately called the police. “What was that?!” Mia thought and suddenly woke up. But when the noises stopped, she turned back around. “There was probably something outside.” She turned back to the other side of the bed. She heard the voice again. A strange, high-frequency noise. She was sure now that the sound was close. She listened. “It’s coming from the window!” she said after concentrating on the voice for a while. She got up and went to the window. There were two little squirrels sleeping in a nest. The sounds came from here. The curtain in the room had been closed for the past few weeks, so she hadn’t noticed that the lovely animals were building a nest here. “I have to capture this on camera,” she thought happily.

She immediately took her camera and took photos of the cute squirrels. She couldn’t believe her luck. Two baby squirrels snuggled together in the nest. Mia could feel how peaceful the little animals felt, having just woken up. Unfortunately the window couldn’t be opened otherwise she would have touched them and stroked their heads. “Her mother must have left her alone to look for food,” she thought, trying to get the perfect shot from different angles. She actually wanted to take a clear picture of their cute, sleepy faces. Mia’s whole body began to tremble.

She was completely stunned by what she saw. “This must be a joke,” she thought. “I hope it’s not true. I must have misunderstood.” Mom saw squirrels in her window – but when she got a closer look, she immediately called the police. With shaking hands, she took the camera and zoomed in again. That’s when she saw it again. Her face turned pale. She didn’t know what to do. Couldn’t take her eyes off. She had never experienced a situation like this before. “Why is this happening to me when my family is not home,” she thought. “I have to call her before it’s too late.” She ran to her phone and called her husband.

The woman hoped her husband wasn’t skiing, otherwise he wouldn’t have heard her phone. But Mia was lucky. Mia explained the situation as soon as her husband picked up. Her husband replied without hesitation: A week passed, Mia and her family waited for the newspaper to arrive at their door. She looked out the window when she saw the boy delivering the newspaper. Mia immediately called the police, but it would take at least 10 minutes for the police to arrive. “Can’t you come faster?!” she asked quickly. Mia waited at the window until the bell rang. She liked to act on her own, but in such a situation, acting on her own would not end well. A few minutes later she heard the mailbox and rushed to the front door… The family members gathered and read the article in the newspaper aloud: Mom saw squirrels in her window – but when she got a closer look, she immediately called the police.

Mia discovered a squirrel nest in her home last week, but an eagle in a tree across the street threatened to kill the tiny rodents. Mia called the police just in time, and the nest was saved in cooperation with the fire department. The eagle flew away. The baby squirrels were reunited with the mother squirrel, who firefighters saw jumping out of the yard after the incident. Thanks to Mia’s attention, everything worked out. Photo above of rescued squirrels.

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