This blind stray cat leads a passerby to where her kittens are and saves them

In the United States, a blind stray cat rescued from the street led her rescuer to where her kittens were. Back in pictures on this beautiful story.

“A mother’s love is deeper than the ocean”. This Japanese proverb also applies to animals.

At the end of March, a stray cat was seen outside the residence of an elderly couple in Texas (United States). During a visit, the couple’s son noticed that the hairball was suffering from a sight problem.

The blind cat saves her babies from the street
This anomaly did not prevent the feline from leading its rescuer to where its kittens were. Faced with this situation, the young man contacted Coastal Bend Cat Rescue, an association that collects stray cats.

On site, the three little ones and their mother underwent a battery of examinations. Conclusion: two of the kittens had contracted an upper respiratory tract infection. The vets also figured out that the cat was completely blind.

“Our vet thinks she has congenital microphthalmia. She will need an enucleation to avoid recurrent infections ,” the shelter director told Love Meow.

Despite her handicap, the cat – who has been nicknamed Madame Clue by the association – does not leave her babies with one sole. She is very protective of them and does not hesitate to meow when they move away from her. And the least we can say is that Madame Clue has a lot to worry about.

Indeed, four-week-old kittens grow quickly and are waiting for only one thing: to explore the world around them. Today, the tomcats spend happy days with their foster family.

Luckily, the cohabitation is going wonderfully, and the cats have gotten used to this new life. A beautiful well-deserved revenge for Madame Clue.

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