Incredible Miracle: Twins Were Recorded in Guinness Book of World Records After They Were Born 87 Days Apart

The spouses, Maria and Chris, lived happily with their two children. However, their happiness doubled when they learned that they would soon have twins. It seemed that their love and happiness had no limits.

The two siblings of the unborn twins were also delighted with their birth and were looking forward to them. An instant idea came into the minds of the parents, after hearing about their twin sisters.

They immediately decided to name them Amy and Katy. Although the delivery date is in September, the babies have completely changed their plans by not meeting the expected date. In mid-May, the first baby, Amy, was born. Although the child was born so many days earlier than her due date, she was perfectly healthy and normally developed. Then Amy was only 500g in weight.

However, the second twin, Katy, decided to come into the world only after 87 full days, already weighing 2.5 kg. Although Amy gained normal weight during this time, she still weighed less than Katy. These cute sisters instantly caught everyone’s attention on social media.

Furthermore, they also set a record in the Guinness Book of Records due to the huge birth difference. In addition, their family has adopted an interesting tradition. They have two birthdays for their twins in one year. They celebrate the twins’ special days individually.

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